Remote diagnosis for PC and laptop for free

Tel.: +49 1520 4005085

Do not despair, if your PC, laptop, scanner *, printer *, computer or e-mail program is not working, call us and you will be helped quickly, whether remote diagnostics (free) remote repair remote or on-site help (Regional)
* Only with local help

Our team is ready for you every day. Specifically, a technician works personally and discreetly with you on your device. During this time, she or he will talk to you by phone. Our main activity is the remote assistance. Our aim is to solve your problems with the device as quickly and satisfactorily as possible

We calculate our prices for help and repair according to extent of the damage, the remote diagnosis is free of charge with us. For a one-time remote repair or remote assistance, we charge a base price of 46.00 euros. About the extent or an extra power you agree with the technician the total price. You can also sign a contract for a longer period of time. During this time they pay the agreed price in installments or once. You will receive a proof of payment modality and contract term.

Payable immediately via PayPal

We'll help you if your device fails, if the computer stops working, if you think you've got a virus, Trojan, or other spyware. We fix bugs, Internet problems and effectively delete unnecessary files that you no longer need. We also help if your device works too slowly. We take care of the firewall. We heal your device safely and well via remote repair..


We offer a one-time repair, half a year, one year and for two years our help. In conversation with the technician choose the cost-effective variant for yourself. Through our service you save time and travel costs. You do not need to transport your device. We advise on the search for good software and security softwares and install them.
We thank you for your trust and use of our services. Our discretion summarizes the data protection. We are happy to be there for you and offer you a discount on a quick help. The telephone costs during the remote diagnostics, repair we carry

Your team from SCHAGEPA


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With our help we wish you excellent results with your computer and laptop

Emergency service remote with special discount

24 hours on the phone

Firmen Chef u Technikerin Sonia Sati
Spezial Techniker Salman
Telefon +49 1520 4005085

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